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Adrian Malacoda f747f18acd fix msmtprc syntax пре 8 месеци
MWSettings.php Load CheckUser with wfLoadExtension. пре 8 месеци
SMFSettings.php Initial commit пре 4 година
glitchcity.sql remove stale sessions пре 1 година
msmtprc fix msmtprc syntax пре 8 месеци
nginx.conf correctly set remote addr from x-forwarded-for пре 1 година
php-fpm-pool.conf php5-fpm performance tweaking пре 2 година
php-fpm.conf migrate to php 7 пре 1 година
php.ini Initial commit пре 4 година
supervisord.conf Destroy SMF session to work around MW/SMF collision issue. Coincidentally, this also seems to actually resolve "loss of session data" errors. пре 9 месеци