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  Adrian Malacoda 2368202838 make repo and branch arguments 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda e037816168 fix up scripts for starting paster/celeryd 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda b72fe43d75 remove daemon directive from nginx config and put in supervisor config 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 8999e25d53 fix up supervisor config 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda d37da9e465 remove erroneous && 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 418887f3f8 run mediagoblin/celery as mediagoblin user 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 0110569863 remove empty environment 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 70eebd64d4 Add docker-compose file 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda b04ef675ab refactor entrypoint script into separate supervisord programs, so we can run celery as a separate process. 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda c36db18434 avoid using /root as home directory for all mediagoblin operations. Even though we chown it to mediagoblin user, we still encounter permission problems. Probably an issue in the storage driver. See https://github.com/moby/moby/issues/30285 2 years ago
  Josh Cox 8272f02c2f functionalize 2 years ago
  Josh Cox 75b1ac45d4 userabstraction 2 years ago
  Josh Cox 3a3eebcf8d pinnedflup 2 years ago
  Josh Cox 5f8c78c8aa bower 2 years ago
  Josh Cox c6157349b9 npmbork 2 years ago
  Josh Cox 4c06de5e1c root 2 years ago
  Josh Cox a1a4b51966 cleanup 2 years ago
  Josh Cox e45828b384 python3 2 years ago
  Josh Cox 2ae66baf8c xenial 2 years ago
  Josh Cox 2e834bebf3 trusty 2 years ago
  Josh Cox c061dd8b0a dir 2 years ago
  Josh Cox e716d56afb more backslashery 2 years ago
  Josh Cox ee0289a389 backslash 2 years ago
  Josh Cox 275069eb41 cleanup 2 years ago
  Loic Dachary b00730bc1c in Dokku save persistent data 3 years ago
  Loic Dachary f9335ee651 checkout the latest stable version 3 years ago
  Loic Dachary f40bd12246 remove spurious line doing nothing 3 years ago
  Loic Dachary e93684a46e README do not wrap lines 3 years ago
  Loic Dachary af61ff28c1 document Docker and Dokku usage 3 years ago
  Loic Dachary 4a3017a81c the submodule depends on the version 3 years ago
  Loic Dachary 6711c8b18d initial version 3 years ago
  dachary f2f83f2254 Init commit 3 years ago