Extra packages for GNU Guix
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"Warrah" is a project codename for a sandbox of GNU Guix related experiments. Right now the only thing of interest is the warrah package channel.


These packages are in varying states of completeness. The goal is to eventually upstream most or all of these packages into Guix proper, so use this channel only if you're aware of the risks.

The rating system used here is somewhat similar to that used by the Wine AppDB. Packages rated "Platinum" are candidates for being upstreamed into Guix.


None so far



Text editor with IDE features.

Issues encountered so far
  • Does not load plugins from the proper directory. Workaround: set your "Extra plugin path" in Geany preferences to (your home)/.guix-profile/lib/geany.


Plugins for the Geany text editor. May be split up into separate packages.

Issues encountered so far
  • Certain plugins (notably multiterm, debugger, devhelp, geanypy) are incompatible with GTK 3 and thus do not build.
  • Some other plugins are missing inputs and also do not build.
  • Spellchecking plugin fails to initialize library (dictionary not available?)


Tabletop card game client and server.

Issues encountered so far
  • None so far. May be moved up to Platinum if testing does not uncover any issues.


Discord plugin for libpurple (Pidgin).

Issues encountered so far
  • Protocol icon fails to load.


Slack plugin for libpurple (Pidgin).

Issues encountered so far
  • Protocol icon fails to load.


None so far.


Magic Set Editor

Magic: The Gathering custom card creator.

Issues encountered so far
  • Fails to pull in the spellchecking dictionary. As a side effect, the UI often does not update until the user moves to another item and then back. For example, the UI does not update when the user enters in card text, but the text will appear if the user switches to another card and then back.
  • Attempting to export a single card as PNG does not do anything (However, exporting the entire set works).

This package pulls in the "Basic" data set, for the "Advanced" data set visit the MSE download page and extract the data files into (your home)/.magicseteditor/data.

Fonts will also have to be installed separately, and are non-free anyway (and therefore outside the remit of this repository).



Drop-down terminal. Does not build properly. Not a high priority (use tilda instead)

Forge (mtgforge)

Magic: The Gathering implementation with AI and rules enforcement. Does not build.

Newly added

Planned additions

  • Browser based on Firefox release version (e.g. Abrowser/Iceweasel).