35 Commits (master)

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  Adrian Malacoda 4be22f6b6e thunderbird: Deprecate package. 5 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda f79aedf098 thunderbird: update to 68.6.0 6 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 7d7c231b5b firefox: update to 74.0.1 6 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda b06dcf421c Merge pull request 'change to default nss' (#1) from Formbi/warrah-nonfsdg:master into master 7 months ago
  Formbi 6bdb9bfdf6 change to default nss 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 0159f8ee42 thunderbird: update to 68.4.2 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 4ef183dd79 firefox: update to 72.0.2 9 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 1c6eafdc4f thunderbird: update to 68.4.1 9 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6187a34004 thunderbird, firefox: patch MOZ_DEDICATED_PROFILES to false to avoid an issue where a new profile is generated on every update 9 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 14292b80e6 firefox: update to 72.0.1 9 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 45fed41944 thunderbird: rust-cbindgen -> rust-apps 9 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda b9739e233b firefox: update to 72.0 9 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda ce0d65a48d unetbootin: new package. 10 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 5992c4ce6c firefox: add copyright header 10 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 4344f5d328 thunderbird: wrap script 10 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 47c875564b firefox: use bundled nss because using the system one causes problems with cert validation, see https://bugs.gnu.org/32833 10 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6fcc103c03 firefox: update nss and nspr 10 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 87f3636da7 firefox: wrap binary in script (as icecat package does) to allow pulseaudio to be used. 10 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 9c675325dc firefox: New package. 10 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda c9625be5ea Merge branch 'thunderbird_68' 10 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda d14b61a6b8 thunderbird: update to 68.3.1 10 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 9d94949a24 Merge branch 'thunderbird_68' of forge.monarch-pass.net:warrah/warrah-nonfsdg into thunderbird_68 11 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 089b0ebe2c thunderbird: fix CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH 11 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda eceda42ec9 thunderbird: update to 68.2.2 11 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 18985d9387 thunderbird: use gcc; patch cargo checksums 11 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 078893b28c thunderbird: rust-cbindgen is now in guix so we don't need our copy of it 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 2ba40c7b5d thunderbird: add license information. Most of these modules are dual-licensed Expat/Apache2, some are Expat/Unlicense. 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda fee4fe3088 thunderbird: supply correct path to clang and llvm, also supply rust-cbindgen as native-input 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 68e6462577 thunderbird: add missing rust packages 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda ec457e580b move to proper subdirectory 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 8e34698b17 move packages into proper subdirectory 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6a0db6ffb5 thunderbird: include copyright notices from gnuzilla.scm 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda c3b9ff88e9 thunderbird: downgrade to 60.9.0 to match icecat version, and base package off icecat package. 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 0e7c63720b thunderbird: update to version 68. Still doesn't build because it's looking for cbindgen which isn't packaged yet. 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 3113fddcd9 thunderbird: initial import of thunderbird package, WIP 1 year ago