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  Adrian Malacoda b6c96f9d3c Merge branch 'master' of ssh://forge.monarch-pass.net/glitch-city-laboratories/glitch-city-laboratories 2 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 5f68d09c72 gate phpinfo.php behind an environment variable so it doesn't get shown to the public 2 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 9c9baee367 gate phpinfo.php behind an environment variable so it doesn't accidentally leak to the public 2 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda f747f18acd fix msmtprc syntax 7 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda abee89b732 Load CheckUser with wfLoadExtension. 7 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda a866d8dd74 exit 0 from setup.sh 7 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6dd7961ebd Implement printable mode. 7 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 53447ad8ef Remove UserRightsList extension; it's currently not maintained 7 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda d2c68efe43 Remove install.php 7 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 2d417f433d Add a script to install SMF packages into the image. 7 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda dcdb8ea4db Set $$wgPHPSessionHandling to false to disable mediawiki using php sessions. 7 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 72b7638d11 remove print_r 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 83f36080e3 Destroy SMF session to work around MW/SMF collision issue. Coincidentally, this also seems to actually resolve "loss of session data" errors. 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 2c0e67e675 initial implementation of Auth remoteuser, of course it doesn't work 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda e038483e69 Add support for email with msmtp 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 5ee52eb5a1 messy hack around "loss of session data" 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda b365cfa58e create links to mediawiki maintenance scripts 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda b8c8bc331e Install nuke extension, since it's not included with MediaWiki 1.31 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 2da5e9837d move responsibility for creating the initial database to the database container 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 91b0cecf74 actually update to mw 31 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda c1bf04fbd2 Update mediawiki to 1.31 8 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda baa50b5ded Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.monarch-pass.net:glitch-city-laboratories/glitch-city-laboratories 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda ada88102c6 correctly set remote addr from x-forwarded-for 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 021a710fc9 add parser function to get a user's display name 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 673d7e61d4 more improved header link generation 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 12ab7f0012 remove deprecated GCL skin 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 658af7e28f fix generation of header links 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 54ffb306f7 add command to dump test database 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 8879c07677 chmod $SOURCE_ROOT 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda ba116f42cb chown to www-data after installing extension 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6b30481c88 chown application source after untarring it 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda d0ab55ddfa add info about admin login 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda b9996c771f Disable file cache and individual page caching. This should ensure the session id in the login form is consistently correct. 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 001fad60d6 remove stale sessions 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 8453d10ab9 more database stuff 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6281163a79 fix test database 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 037fb61490 trim down test database 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda de182b86fd enable Nuke extension 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6ea439cde8 need to add scripts up here before we use them 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 51f3bfcd1a add config/scripts after we install the wiki/forum 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda c8409ccd84 fix path 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 7eb613d31a remove extensions that we can pull from mediawiki repo 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6bde45cc79 add add_extension script 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 420bbac561 run composer after install 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 4fd7a8cbc9 dockerfile improvements for performance, actually download mediawiki 1.30 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda ba4f2c3cd2 add missing hidden input field to login form 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 45bb011774 disable createaccount permission for all users 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 84df8c7131 update mediawiki to 1.30, smf to 2.0.15 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 1ae67657bb disable Prof Glitch's extension, so I don't keep having to enter the container and do it each time it starts 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda ec07c687b0 i think the arguments go like this 1 year ago