52 Commits (master)

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  Adrian Malacoda 469c64490c add missing comment id fields (that were probably supposed to be added by a migration we skipped) 1 month ago
  Adrian Malacoda ade6a6d415 update database dump with 1.32 dump 1 month ago
  Adrian Malacoda 026b2947d4 enable WikiEditor and CodeEditor for source editing 2 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 829a51384b Add parsoid image & configuration 2 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda d8dd54dc9f add VisualEditor extension 2 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda f747f18acd fix msmtprc syntax 11 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda abee89b732 Load CheckUser with wfLoadExtension. 11 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 53447ad8ef Remove UserRightsList extension; it's currently not maintained 11 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda dcdb8ea4db Set $$wgPHPSessionHandling to false to disable mediawiki using php sessions. 11 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 83f36080e3 Destroy SMF session to work around MW/SMF collision issue. Coincidentally, this also seems to actually resolve "loss of session data" errors. 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 2c0e67e675 initial implementation of Auth remoteuser, of course it doesn't work 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda e038483e69 Add support for email with msmtp 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda ada88102c6 correctly set remote addr from x-forwarded-for 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda b9996c771f Disable file cache and individual page caching. This should ensure the session id in the login form is consistently correct. 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 001fad60d6 remove stale sessions 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 8453d10ab9 more database stuff 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6281163a79 fix test database 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 037fb61490 trim down test database 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda de182b86fd enable Nuke extension 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 45bb011774 disable createaccount permission for all users 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 1ae67657bb disable Prof Glitch's extension, so I don't keep having to enter the container and do it each time it starts 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 3e40c33db9 remove SecureHTML extension too, since that too was only ever used for one thing. Replace with an extension that specifically encapsulates what that extension was used for. 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 4a7577cc34 Remove securephp extension. It was only used on the main page for displaying news. This can be implemented as an extension. 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 8b2e8e318e migrate to php 7 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 92be189e58 actually commit these changes 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 8a982938d9 fix load Renameuser extension 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 64ec27f1b1 Add GCL specific error pages 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 7936a964e9 php5-fpm performance tweaking 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda b605db7dfe Fix 302 redirect 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda d9c5cf8390 Add 302 redirect for old topic urls 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 07ddc3e97e set REMOTE_ADDR from X-Real-IP 2 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6bef06dbf6 Increase client_max_body_size 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 603360f3d8 Fix up and re-enable Prof. Glitch's extension. 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 987898831b Tweak session settings (again) to make SMF happy. See #1, #6 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda a7435b5cfa re-enable SecurePHP 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda e56972999c Bring back the GCL3 skin, now that the SMF/MediaWiki bridge mostly works 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 5495703e82 Move the session id stuff into the php config. Setting it in the mediawiki extension won't affect how SMF generates session ids. 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6faa8e0700 Re-enable the smf auth extension. Tweak the php session id generation to pass MediaWiki's session id requirement (at least 32 characters) 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 0b1f964586 simplify nginx config for /wiki/$1 and /wiki/index.php/$1 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 26ddd06633 fix /wiki/index.php/$1 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda c2ec9e0e31 Add configuration for /wiki/$1 and /wiki/index.php/$1 see #5 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 8edca3e564 /wiki/ -> /w/ 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 0f762eeec7 Disable Contributors extension, it causes problems with certain characters in page titles 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 9cd20f38e2 re-enable Interwiki extension 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda b8ace14160 update and re-enable Contributors extension 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 37a99af73e disable some extensions that don't work 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda cb63ce6a1a restart setup script and php5-fpm-log processes if they fail to start 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda d2e92bdbf2 Set default skin to monobook for now. 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 277af852db Disable the Auth_SMF for now, it's breaking the maintenance script and probably breaks everything else now 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 3a46fcca38 Set the MW_INSTALL_PATH 3 years ago