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  Adrian Malacoda 46f253f757 refresh_styles: add script for pulling in updated styles from production 1 month ago
  Adrian Malacoda e020b4cc3f add wait-for-it 5 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda 72dced4c8d change add_extension.sh to init submodules, in case the extension requires submodules (like visualeditor) 6 months ago
  Adrian Malacoda a866d8dd74 exit 0 from setup.sh 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda d2c68efe43 Remove install.php 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 2d417f433d Add a script to install SMF packages into the image. 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda e038483e69 Add support for email with msmtp 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 2da5e9837d move responsibility for creating the initial database to the database container 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 658af7e28f fix generation of header links 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda ba116f42cb chown to www-data after installing extension 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda c8409ccd84 fix path 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda 6bde45cc79 add add_extension script 1 year ago
  Adrian Malacoda a7d067f34b Make the db dump file an environment variable, do not load it by default. 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda a7d5991c91 Move the symlink'ing between application/configuration/userdata into setup script, so we can mount application as a volume (useful for development) 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 8edca3e564 /wiki/ -> /w/ 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 022f2e90f3 Run mediawiki update script on setup 3 years ago
  Adrian Malacoda 1b96a1090b Initial commit 5 years ago