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Glitch City Laboratories Source Code Repository

This version of Glitch City Laboratories - tentatively v3.5 - is implemented as a self-contained web application residing in a Docker container.

As of 9 August 2016 this version of GCL is live on the Monarch Pass server. All development will be done in this repo.

Info about the test database

The test database is a small collection of wiki pages, boards, and posts. There is an admin user (username Abwayax, password testadmin).


As of 15 June 2019 (MediaWiki 1.32) the VisualEditor extension is included. This requires a Parsoid service, which is not included. See the docker-compose.yml for details.


Build development environment

docker-compose build

Start development environment

docker-compose up

Follow PHP logs

docker exec glitchcityinfo_web_1 tail -f /var/log/php5-fpm.log

Dump test database

docker-compose exec db mysqldump glitchcity -ptoor